MIG Welding Stainless Steel 101

There are a couple of fundamental contrasts between welding carbon steel and tempered steel.

o Hardened steel requires a high level of Argon in the protecting gas combination.

o The welding wire or anode should be exceptionally near the structure of the base metal.

o The exchange of the wire should be either globular or splash move.

o At last the liner should be kept as welding wire suppliers    as conceivable while welding.

The high level of Argon in the gas combination is required on the grounds that tempered steel doesn’t respond well with oxygen or carbon dioxide gasses. As far as I can tell the most widely recognized gas combination I utilized is C2 and that is 98% Argon and 2% Carbon Dioxide. Different blends utilize a limited quantity of Oxygen added to the Argon. Despite the fact that Oxygen causes weld abandons, in little rates it helps the bend.

The welding wire picked ought to be a similar kind as the base metal to be welded. The most effective way to pick a wire or cathode is to continuously talk with a welding supply store. We should confront it tempered steel isn’t modest, so why take the risk!

While setting the MIG welder the exchange type ought to be globular or shower move. The high level of Argon gas likewise assists the circular segment with getting this type move. I have found globular works best with more slender metal and genuine splash move is better for thicker metal. Yet, others might clash. It boils down to individual inclination and welding style.

At long last, that terrible liner with regards to MIG welding hardened steel! While welding the liner should be in top condition and be kept as straight as could really be expected. The vast majority of the difficulty while welding comes from the liner and the contact brought about by the firmness of the wire going through it. The most widely recognized inconveniences brought about by the liner are melded MIG tips and the formation of a birds home. A bird’s home is a consequence of the welding wire not having the option to be driven into the line, and since the wire has no spot to go, it loops up, looking like a bird’s home.

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