Are Clickbank Merchants Ripping Off Affiliates?

As a Clickbank partner you really buckle down directing people to merchant’s deals page in order to bring in some cash. In any case, is all your persistent effort being squandered on the grounds that a few merchants put partner connections and email join boxes on their deals pages?

Email Join Boxes

Numerous deals pages have pop-ups that proposition individuals a free report assuming they enter their email address. As of now many individuals figure the reason why purchase the item now, when I have free report to understand first. Likewise, presently the seller can email that possibility whenever, and you don’t get acknowledgment for any deal.

Associate Sign Up Connections

Another issue is that numerous Clickbank deals pages have a little connection at the lower part of the page attempting to white label merchant processing subsidiaries. The issue with this is in the event that you drive somebody to the business page and they find the connection, what is to prevent them from joining and utilizing their own partner connect to purchase the item and get a decent half rebate. Again you get no deal for your persistent effort.

The Arrangement

There are two or three answers for these issues. As a matter of some importance, just advance Clickbank items that don’t gather email locations and that don’t have a connection for subsidiary information exchanges.

Second, drive all traffic you produce to your very own greeting page to gather their email address. This way you can market to them always, and drive them to anything that item you believe they should purchase whenever.

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