Pogo Stick Pro: Elevating the Art of Bouncing



Pogo sticks have come a long way since their humble beginnings as a simple, spring-loaded device for hopping around. The Pogo Stick Pro is the latest evolution in this age-old form of entertainment, designed to take the thrill of bouncing to new heights. In this article, we will delve into what makes the Pogo Stick Pro so special and how it has transformed the world of extreme sports and recreation.

The Evolution of Pogo Sticks

The history of pogo sticks dates back to the late 19th century when George Hansburg patented the first spring-loaded device. Over the years, pogo sticks evolved from being a child’s toy into a tool for exercise and sport. Pogo sticking enthusiasts started pushing the boundaries, performing tricks, and even setting records for the highest jumps.

However, it wasn’t until the introduction of the Pogo Stick Pro that pogo sticking truly entered the realm of professional pogo stick and extreme recreation.

Features of the Pogo Stick Pro

  1. Enhanced Springs: At the heart of the Pogo Stick Pro are its advanced springs. Made from high-strength materials, these springs can handle incredible amounts of force, allowing for higher and more controlled jumps.
  2. Adjustable Air Pressure: Unlike traditional pogo sticks, the Pro model features adjustable air pressure within the cylinder. This allows users to fine-tune the bounce to their liking, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros.
  3. Sturdy Frame: The Pogo Stick Pro is built with a robust frame made from lightweight but durable materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. This ensures that the stick can endure the rigors of intense jumps and tricks.
  4. Comfortable Grips and Footrests: The Pro model comes equipped with ergonomic grips and footrests designed for optimal control and comfort during use. This is especially important for advanced tricks and extended jumping sessions.
  5. Safety Features: Safety is paramount in extreme sports, and the Pogo Stick Pro doesn’t compromise. It includes features like non-slip footrests, a safety tether, and reinforced structural components to reduce the risk of accidents.

Professional Pogo Stick Sports

The introduction of the Pogo Stick Pro has given rise to a new sport – professional pogo sticking. Just like skateboarding and BMX, athletes are now competing in various pogo sticking disciplines. These include:

  1. Big Air: In this discipline, pogo athletes aim to achieve the highest jumps possible. Records continue to be broken as athletes push the boundaries of what’s physically possible.
  2. Freestyle: Freestyle pogo sticking is all about tricks and flips. Athletes perform a wide range of acrobatic maneuvers, from basic spins to mind-boggling flips, often landing on a soft surface or in specially designed arenas.
  3. Pogo Racing: This discipline involves racing against the clock or other competitors, navigating obstacles and performing tricks along the way. Pogo races can take place in various terrains, from urban settings to off-road trails.
  4. Pogo Street: Street pogo sticking is akin to skateboarding in many ways. Athletes use their Pogo Stick Pros to perform tricks on stairs, handrails, and other urban features.

Impact on the Extreme Sports Scene

The Pogo Stick Pro has breathed new life into the world of extreme sports. It has introduced an exciting and visually captivating activity that attracts both participants and spectators alike. With the growth of professional pogo sticking events and competitions, sponsors and media attention have followed suit, further fueling its popularity.

Moreover, the Pogo Stick Pro has opened up opportunities for individuals to turn their passion into a career. Athletes can now earn sponsorships, participate in competitions, and even monetize their skills through social media and content creation.


The Pogo Stick Pro is not just a toy; it’s a testament to human creativity and the unrelenting pursuit of pushing boundaries. It has transformed an age-old form of entertainment into a professional sport, captivating audiences worldwide with its gravity-defying feats. As technology and innovation continue to evolve, who knows what new heights the Pogo Stick Pro will take us to in the future.


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