printing press

 printing press

machine by which text and images are transferred from movable type to  or other media by means. Movable type and paper were invented in China, and the oldest known  printed from movable type was created in Korea in the 14th gots approved printing

century.  first became mechanized in Europe during the 15th century.

See a working model of an early hand printing press

The earliest mention of a mechanized printing press in Europe appears in a lawsuit in Strasbourg in 1439; it reveals construction of a press and his associates. Gutenberg’s press and others of its era in Europe owed much to paper press, which was in turn modeled after the ancient wine-and-olive press of the Mediterranean area. A long handle was used to turn a heavy wooden screw, exerting downward pressure against the paper, which was laid over the type mounted on a wooden platen. Gutenberg used his press is the first complete extant book in the West, and it is one of the earliest books printed from movable type. (Jikji, was printed by hand from movable type in Korea in 1377.) In its essentials, the wooden press used by Gutenberg reigned supreme for more than 300 years, with a hardly varying rate of 250 sheets per hour printed on one side.



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