The Impact of Saint Hubertus on Our Live St Hubert Gifts


Saint Hubertus is a revered and unique Saint of Hunting. Each year, on November 3, Saint Hubert’s story is told to celebrate his dedication to hunting.

The Early Life Of Saint Hubert


Saint Hubert grew up as a child in a wealthy family, with a royal lineage, in Maastricht. Hubert had a privileged upbringing but was also known for his skill at archery.


Hubert’s skills as a hunter were legendary. He was well-known for his unerring aim and ability in bringing home a bountiful meal. On Good Friday, Hubert had a spiritual encounter with a deer during a hunt.


Saint Hubert: The Vision


According to the legend, Hubert, who was riding a horse and chasing a deer, cornered an imposing stag. It then turned its head to face Hubert. In the middle of the stag’s antlers, a glowing cross appeared. Hubert described a vision he saw and a voice telling to him to lead a holy, God-fearing life.


Hubert’s Spiritual Transformation


Hubert’s life of luxury, privilege, and wealth was forever changed by this profound experience. He gave away his titles, which included his birthright as future Duke Aquitane. Floribanne, Hubert’s wife, died during the birth of their son, Saint Floribert. Hubert concentrated solely on his own spiritual journey after her death.


Hubert’s journey in the Church


Hubert sought advice from Bishop st hubert gifts  Maastricht who became his advisor spiritually. Hubert went to Rome as a pilgrim under Lambert’s mentoring to meet the Pope. Hubert became a priest at this meeting. He later became the 31st Archbishop of Maastricht as well as the 1st Bishop for Liege.


Saint Hubert’s Legacy


Saint Hubert is credited with performing numerous miracles in his role as a minister, including exorcisms. He is remembered for his efforts spreading Christianity throughout pagan regions.


The Symbol of St. Hubert


Saint Hubert, also known as Saint Hubert the Great, is represented by an elk with a crucifix or cross in its antlers. This symbol, which is recognized by many hunters, has appeared on Jagermeister bottles caps.


Honoring Life in All Its Forms


Saint Hubert, not only became patron saint of hunters but promoted the idea that the animal should be honored. In his era, feasts celebrated the energy transmitted from an animal to the hunter by a successful hunt.


Saint Hubert, in conclusion, is a symbol of spiritual change and dedication. He is an influence to all hunters, mathematicians and opticians. Even those who like Jagermeister are affected by his work. Hunting Necklaces & Saint Hubert Medals: These are tangible tokens of devotion towards this Patron Saint of Hunting.


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