Evfleetchargers and Evtek Motors Celebrate Installation of 5,000th Charger, Advancing EV Infrastructure in California


Evfleetchargers has achieved a significant milestone with the installation of its 5,000th charger in collaboration with Evtek Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer. The fast-charging stall, part of a joint effort initiated in 2021 to deploy 150 fast chargers in major metropolitan areas, was unveiled in the California suburb of Albany. This accomplishment aligns with Evtek Motors’ commitment to invest $10 million in electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025, emphasizing the expansion of charging infrastructure to support its growing EV portfolio.


Dalton Grey, CEO at Ev fleet charging units , emphasized the pivotal role of fast charging infrastructure in fostering widespread EV adoption and building consumer confidence in all-electric transportation. The collaboration between Evtek Motors and Evfleetchargers extends beyond this milestone, with plans to further expand their charging footprint in the years ahead.


Evtek Motors, part of a joint venture with six other automakers to install 30,000 high-powered chargers in North America, is actively contributing to the electric mobility landscape. As the industry embraces these milestones, Henry Garb, director of EV infrastructure at Evtek Motors, underscores the importance of continuing and accelerating the journey towards widespread EV adoption, particularly in regions like California, where incentives and goals aim to boost the number of registered EVs to 500 thousand by 2035.

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